Contact Point:

Referee Coordinator: Luke Adams, 0402 645 805

How to Join

There are several steps that you must undertake to become apart of the Moreton Bay Futsal Referee Group (MBFRG).

  1. Attend a Football Queensland Futsal Referee Course, consisting of the Futsal Laws of The Game Course and Futsal Level 3 Referee Course.
  2. Contact the Moreton Bay Futsal Referee Co-ordinator, found above.
  3. Participate in Referee training and coaching sessions held during the season.
  4. After finishing your training you are graduate as a fully qualified Referee and a member of the Moreton Bay Futsal Referee Group.

To continue to participate as a member, you must referee at least 3 match days over the season, participate in the Pre-Season and Post-Season coaching as well as assessment during the season.

Benefits of being apart of the Moreton Bay Futsal Referee Group

  • Only Member Referees are allowed to referee Moreton Bay Futsal games.
  • Access to ongoing training during the season.
  • Access to assessment during the season.
  • Access to Pre-Season and Post-Season coaching nights.
  • Access to tournaments and representative futsal as referees through MBFRG.